Acupuncture Treatment

Very thin, sterile, single-use stainless steel needles will be inserted into the skin at various points on the body.  Each treatment is unique to your individual condition, and the point selection is based on centuries-old clinical evidence and medical theory.  Some patients are surprised that points on one area of the body can treat a completely different part!  This is but one example of the holism of this medicine, which views all parts of your body and mind as connected and important.

Patients often wonder if acupuncture hurts.  Needle insertion is widely considered to be pain-free, although some may feel a quick pinch. You may feel a slight dull and achy sensation once the needle is placed which usually subsides after a moment, or perhaps a mild sensation of energetic movement from one area of the body to another.  These are perfectly normal and safe feelings that acupuncture patients report.  Gentle manipulation of the needles may be used, and the needles may be retained for a period of time.  Once the needles are retained, this is your time to rest.  Many patients feel drowsy and rest quite deeply during this time. Others report feeling relaxed, relief from pain, or a sense of meditative well-being.  I will always be close by and ready to check in on you during this time if it is needed.


Other Modalities

Sometimes, other modalities may be appropriate for your condition.  These include cupping, moxibustion, TDP heat lamp therapy, tui na, gua sha, and qi gong exercises.  I am well-trained in these modalities and will always explain these procedures and their uses, as well as gain your consent before performing them.

  • Cupping:  suction is used with special glass or plastic cups at areas of the body to treat pain, stagnation, and other issues
  • Moxibustion:  Mugwort is safely lighted and used to warm and treat specific areas of the body
  • TDP heat lamp:  a far infrared therapeutic heating device used for a wide range of health issues, including pain
  • Tui na:  Chinese medical massage used for both internal and external health issues
  • Gua sha:  special type of massage  with a tool, used to release pain and stagnation from the body
  • Qi Gong:  physical and meditative exercises for all aspects of physical and emotional health